9 mars 2019

Xprog Reset AEC302C AEC400 CDI controllers

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Manufacturer of AEC302C / AEC400 CDI controllers didn’t left possibility to access internal MCU memory by K-Line. Therefore it is really possible to reset them if you have any MOTOROLA MC68HC05E6 programmer (XPROG / XPROGm, UPACARPROG, ELNEC, etc.).

Opening the plastic casing




Make a cut around plastic casing to gain access to the printed circuit board (PCB). Don’t cut too deep – you can damage electrolytic capacitors near the edges of plastic casing! Clean the PCB from epoxy sealant. It is significantly easier to clean if sealant is heated using hot air station or other source of hot air (fan, etc.) – it becomes crumbly and comes out without excessive effort.

How to connect MCU programmer


NOTE. Wire colors in the picture, corresponds to CARPROG cable A10. Signal symbols B2, B3, B5, B6, Vcc, Vpp – to XPROG / XPROG-m programmer.

MCU settings for programmer

MCU type: MC68HC05E6
Mask set: 0F82B
EEPROM start: 0×0100 (hex)
EEPROM size: 0xA0 (160 bytes)
Osc. Frequency: 4 MHz

How to reset CDI controller to NEW


Change data at marked position from 00 to 01. This way you will change CDI controller state to NEVER PROGRAMMED. CDI controller is ready now to store new code on the first time ignition is switched to ON with a master key.

NOTE. Ignition must be switched on with valid MASTER key that belongs to immobilizer controller IMM003 / IMM006.

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