2 avril 2018

MB Star Xentry 03.2018 Acronis Image for Windows 7

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This is a Windows 7X64 Enterprise installation of Xentry 03.2018Acronis Image in the German language.


Mega links:

Acronis True Image 2017 (unknown risk – try on your own risk)!Yl5ChB4b!szCDrCHrIG7Ac3fAWOYa_qbMT33cNRJJpWSCRMVIziI

Xentry 03.2018 (unknown risk – try on your own risk)!l0ZFEAJB!cmVmWQPDz_1o7s03LwFY8I907MKoukkU_pi1kHx6G1M

Image was created on Dell 6430 I5 8GB RAM

Image size is about 140GB
Xentry 03.2018 already with patch (old keyloader,blacklist and 2221×45 error fix all from DieTRih many thanks)
installed is WIS and EPC 01.2018 included Pricelist 70.1 in german
without starfinder and other programms you will find here in forum.
(because of image size took me almost 2 days for upload)
carkey is installed to set new key….

Xentry WIS EPC are Multilanguage you can change in whatever you want.(only what is included there)

Windows is in native german you can download your own language package from Microsoft…and installed it.

Many people no have time or possibilities to install it by there own
So maybe this will help…

Links above are not tested by professional. It’s share in the

If you don’t work to take any risk, have a tested version and use with relief.



Look here: Xentry/DAS 03.2018 (tested 100%, safe to use)

Working perfect with SD connect C4



Q: Questions and answers:

Have you tried to convert GPT to MBR with OS, and OS has start normally?

A: I used a VHD formatted to MBR. wrote image to it, and set it in boot menu with EasyBCD2.3.
Boots on a Dell 630


Q: Will it with Lenovo laptop?

A: for some reason it downloads me all time the img corrupted from mega. i gived up now and i think i will clone the hdd i recived with my sd connect to my 500gb hdd and good is. downloaded the img 4 times and all time corrupted

Update: i can confirm that works on a lenovo x220  connected mux and got directly recognized. and the image is clean so that is fast and not like the chinese hdd installations


Q: How to change Das language and if support romanian ?

A: Yes. Try google search.


Q: Did you upgrade the mega a/c and use megasync to download?

A: i have a premium mega account. i tryed with and without megasync but all time corrupted


Q: Can I change English language in Xentry WIS EPC and Windows 7X64 Enterprise ?!
Show me how to change them !

A: for windows search on google your language pack for win 7 enterprise, install. after install go to the control panel, region etc and change language to english. use google translate or see video on youtube for moving in the OS.
for xentry, update serial to lunch the software ->settings change language.


Q: I downloaded and installed this image. How do I activate Xentry DAS. I tried using an old keygen but it wont work. Xentry Diagnosis was activated after install but not Xentry DAS

A: you only need activate xentry in SKC
DAS you dont need.(Standalone)

And did you use carprokey from Desktop?

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