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8 février 2018

Lonsdor K518ISE smoke problem working solution

Classé dans : car key programmer — carsets @ 6 h 54 min

One of our customer had smoke issue when he using the Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer by using the wrong power supply. Here’s the proper solution.

Before I can use the 518ISE key programmer it started to smoke when plugged into the power pack.

The power supply that was used was 12v 1.5 Amp Center + . The power pack that comes with the machine is 12v centre + 1amp , Dc device will use the power is needs , 0.5 amp extra should not make a difference.
It was only sent back once. The part that started to smoke can be seen on the outside of the case by the burn mark.

Make sure your power pack is right, and center + (reverse polarity: + inside and – outside). Lonsdor K518ISE comes with its own power adapter and it has a 25V protective capacity on the main board (see picture below). If you use your own power pack, the capacity will be over power and burnt, thus the device starts to smoke for continuously use. In this case, you can remove the capacity (if using your own power supply). It should work again.


How to remove capacity on K518ISE’s main board:

I found the problem was on my side, using the wrong plug pack. Now the machine is good and working well.
Thank you for your call and tech support. The machine worked well today.

7 février 2018

wiTech MicroPod2 « wiTech 1.0 Sundown  » Error (Solved)

Classé dans : car diagnostic tool — carsets @ 4 h 21 min

I had error when install witech Chrysler diagnostic tool for Micropod 2 interface.


« Attention: wiTECH 1.0 Sundown

As previously communicated, wiTech 1.0 will no longer diagnose vehicles that are fully supported in wiTECH 2.0 beginning in July.

Please upgrade your micropod to wiTECH 2.0 so that you will not see any lapse in vehicle coverage.
For information on how to upgrade your micropod to wiTECH 2.0, visit webpage at… »


The error is caused by wrong software version. You have installed witech V17.03.10, this old version is not compatible with Micropod. You should install correct witech Micropod 2 V17.04.27 version in software CD.

6 février 2018

John Deere SA Search Engine not loaded Error Solutions

Classé dans : truck diagnostic tool — carsets @ 8 h 47 min

This is for anyone when he/she runs the John Deere Service Advisor heavy duty diagnostic software, the system appears error message that the search engine module can not be loaded and then the program ends.




Optional solutions:


Solution 1:


Run as system administrator, roll back pc date reactivate using activator Then roll date back to normal date if error still renew once again. Been working for me so far.


Note that, don’t know how long it stay working but works im sure someone will have solution for it soon.

Also advice if doing fresh install roll back the date on pc do the install after then install and activations have been done.
Go to task manager look for the service adviser on have it start its tasks in 2030 :save and then reset your pc date should be good for while



Solution 2:


if you set a date before the lightweightidol license expired, start the lightweightidol service, set the real date and start Advisor, it works.



Solution 3:


start advisor. when error comes with “search engine” Close John Deere SA. afterwards set your PC date to feburary 2015. start SA again (run as administrator). it now comes with error on licence. close SA Again. set pc date back to normal. run SA Again. now it Works.



Solution 4:


The search engine error can be solved.
Set back the date, before the expiry date found in Service ADVISOR\SUIR\license.log (august 14 in my case). Start LightweightIDOL service. Set the real date, and Advisor working again.
I made a batch file to simplify it. To make it work Control Panel/Regional/short date format have to be yyyy-mm-dd or you have to modify batch. Maybe you have to modify ServiceADVISOR.exe path too in the batch. Have to run as administrator.





Solution 5:


I have had the same error with ssearch engine connection in JD SA.
reinstalled it twice, changed system date back and forward, run activator. No result for me.

But actually I found the solution for this issue.
Just need to install july update from the post…#pid758969
And the error disappeared.


newer data discs (2016/02)



Solution 6:


back date to 08.10.16
install JD SA, restart, activate, mount latest disk you have (05.2016) and install update, for finish get license error, ignore and close, set actualy date, run JD SA -> works fine, install july update

testing today on 3 laptops (Windows 7 and 10)



On a side note: procedure about turning off the updates


don’t know how long it stay working but works im sure someone will have solution for it soon.

Also advice if doing fresh install roll back the date on pc do the install after then install and activations have been done.
goto task manager look for the service adviser on have it start its tasks in 2030 :save and then reset your pc date should be good for while Smile (SO TURN IT OFF IN TASKMANAGER SO IT STARTS 20 30 YEARS FROM NOW!!)


Fresh new installations also work but can be much more complicated sure a patch would be much easier. But it can be done with out a patch so far



In taskmanager I don’t stop any service just put service advisor updater to 2030 to start

also makes sure eculp.ini configurator reads like this

A valid ECULP License has been found

Licenses for the following modes have been found:
TestCell Programming
FinalEOL Programming
Service Programming
ECUCPP Programming Tool

All JD Components were found and properly licensed

JDEcu : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
JDConfig : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
JDData : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
JDIntelHex : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
JDPayloadReader : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
JDPayloadProcessor : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
ECULoaderProgram : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
ECULP_TestCell : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
ECULP_FinalEOL : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
ECULP_Service : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
ECULP_TestCell_OEM : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
ECULP_FinalEOL_OEM : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
ECULP_Service_OEM : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
ECULP_ECUCPP : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
ECULP_Direct_EOL_Output : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
ECULP_OEM_DISTRIBUTOR : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
Service_ADVISOR_Ag : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021
Service_ADVISOR_CF : Version 1.0 : 01-apr-2021


The last – if all tips/solutions above don’t work for you,

John Deere Service Advisor 4.0 Crack – No Search Engine Error

Look here:

1 février 2018

Download WinOLS software to correct checksums

Classé dans : ECU chip tuning tool — carsets @ 2 h 14 min
So here is a little tutorial – how to make checksums for ecu files with Winols tuning software, that should help all of you who don’t know how to do this get started using Winols.
Winols 2.24 software download:
Winols 1.5 cracked download: (tested 100%)
Checksums are very important, get them wrong and car won‘t start or even worse
1. If you haven’t installed Winols 2.24 first, then do so, it can be found here on CT using the search button, this is not the search box
2. Open Winols, and after you will see the empty working box, picture 1A. Now drag and drop your ecu file onto this box as in picture 1B. Now in picture 1, you can see there are 3 checksums that need correcting, Winols will do this for you.
3. Follow the instructions in following pictures and this should get you started making checksum for your own files.
Run Winols
Drag petio 3,.0 asn_lambda_off_nochecks.bin into Winols
You will see the pop-up: 3 checksum(s) not correct
Correct the original data file
Map search in progress
All CS ok -Checksum block 5: okay
Project->Ex-&Import->Export file…
Enter info
Select Binary file
Save as petio 3,.0 asn_lambda_off_nochecks_csok.bin
All CS ok -Checksum block 5: okay
In summary, how to checksum correcting by Winols chip tuning software:
  1. First, drag and drop the original untouched file into Winols in the same way as in the pictures. When it has finished loading the original file …then
    2. you can now drag and drop your modified file ontop of the original file you already loaded into Winols.
    3. Now you can follow the checksum procedure steps exactly as described in the pictures, correcting modfile checksums.
Attachment:Included are two ecu files, Audi A6 3.0 lambda off ME7.1.1, one with “nochecks” (no checksum) and the other with “csok” (checksum ok).
petio 3,.0 asn_lambda_off_nochecks_csok.rar!YLxRzIIS!ctZEWz8YvY8QTCTuPqqF871mdjDxJ42jdmB2HYtHCAA
petio 3,.0 asn_lambda_off_nochecks.rar!VTYRXJhI!tbKfYyRt1vRCeU0b-VZ_HWV7CGuXY-iXUDwVyyyja8s
Q: I found a stage1 tuning file and while I was inserting it into Winols it says me: “This software version cannot be processed, since it is already modified” Could somebody please help me what does it mean?
A: Open the file in a simple hex editor, click search txt string NOREAD
when you find the words “noread” write over them with FFFFFF, save changes and try again with Winols
Q: If I read and write files with Kess V2 or KTag clone did they make checksum correction or must be done with Winols?
A: With those tools checksum will be done in writing

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