26 avril 2017

Opcom Firmware 1.7, 1.65, 1.59, 1.45 Comparison

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Here is something you need to know about Opel diagnostic cable Op-com firmware 1.70 fw 1.65 fw 1.59 fw 1.45, including differences and similarities of op-com firmware & software.


Similarities of Opcom firmware 1.70 fw 1.65 fw 1.59 fw 1.45


  • Opcom price: almost the same!

Each version of Opcom firmware available for $20 around

Opcom for sale:

  • Software : the SAME!

In other words, functions: the same! Op com software crack, Vaux-com 120309a can be used with opcom fw 1.70 fw 1.65 fw 1.59 fw 1.45.

it allows users to read out and clear fault codes, read live data and perform output test. Also, print out, save, or copy the fault codes to any other application. And measure block information on many control modules & show 8 measuring block parameter simultaneously.

  • System requirement: the SAME!

Window XP is the only one system can be run with Vaux-com 120309a either 2010 version or 2014 version

  • Unable to update: the SAME!

Opcom china clone is not allowed to update online; otherwise, the device would be damaged!

  • Vehicle coverage: the SAME!

Opel vehicles (up to the 2014 year) can be supported by clone Op-com fw 1.70 fw 1.65 fw 1.59 fw 1.45 with Vaux-com 120309a. it covers almost all Opel cars, incl. new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B, and supports many control units, like Engine, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Engine Cooling module, Instrument Cluster, Electronic Climate Control, Body Control Unit, etc.

  • PCB with the the PIC18F458 chip

Though the pcb design differs from firmware versions, they all come with the PIC18F458 chip.

Ps. opcom software vaux-com 120309a download free:!sPBnlZqT!vzaV6dx66ol0Y3gDrWDSAYZFjtkoBJz0cEtmuXWeOFc


It’s a crack version

No password required

No need activation

Free to use

100% Tested by professionals

SAFE to use (the most important!!!!!)



Differences of clone Opcom v1.70 v1.65 v1.59 v1.45


  • PCB (printed circuited board)

Opcom firmware v1.70 v1.65 v1.59 v1.45 are produced by different manufactures in various factories. So, understandably with different PCB design.

Opcom firmware v1.70 PCB



Opcom firmware 1.65 PCB



Opcom firmware 1.59 PCB

There are two versions of op-com firmware 1.59

Opcom with item no. sp105





Opcom with item no. sp105-b





Opcom firmware 1.45 PCB


Opcom 2009 / opcom firmware 1.39 PCB



  • Running speed & stability

With opcom china clones, no matter which one you use, you need luck. Some good clones runs fast and works stable. It depends. Good luck.


In summary, almost china clones are different from the PCB design but have the same functions via vaux-com software.

18 avril 2017

Handy Baby 8.2.0 adds Pin Code Calculation and EEPROM Features

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JMD Handy Baby  – more than clone tool but more i.e add EEPROM immobilizer data write (for European cars, American cars and Asian cars), Pincode calc. on Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, Qirui, Renault and Liana and more.

V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby-01

V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby Function Demo one -by -one


1: Youtube Video:

2. in text (Words & Pictures)

3. Decode


Support: Toyota 72g/Ford 4D83 80bit/Jetta ID42 (Online)

Steps: 1) Read the key 2) Press OK to decode 3) Waiting, until finish 4) Put the new key into the coil to copy. Warning: Do not disconnect the cable during decoding, and don’t move out the key!

V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby-02

  1. Register

It displays the steps on how to register shown as below.

V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby-03

  1. JMD Assistant Code

V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby-04

  1. Key Maker (Add EEPROM immobilizer data write) for European cars, American cars and Asian cars.

Works on: Kia/Isuzu/Geely/Alpha Romeo/Kawasaki


Dacia/Peugeot/Fiat/Lancia/Chrysle/Geep/VM/Toyota/Lexus/Opel/Hyundai/Buick more and more EEPROM.( Works on more Asian cars.)

V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby-05

Note: one picture can’t display all, refer to the video.

1) For Europe cars

V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby-05

2) For USA cars

V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby-06

3) Works on more Asian cars.

V8.2.0 JMD Handy Baby-07


  1. Information

Immobilizer info inquiry (comprehensive)


  1. JMD Handy baby key programmer Pincode calculation for Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, Qirui, Renault and Suzuki Liana


Related post: How to Update Handy Baby key programmer to V8.2.0?

11 avril 2017

How to repair Carprog A1 cable to communicate with CAN BUS

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Any possible to rework the Carprog A1 cable for Can Bus?
Definitely YES! Carprog v8.21 full China clone Can Bus communication solutions… Here you go.
Why you need rework Carprog A1 adapter?
Because some China Carprog comes with a bad A1 pcb that causes the issue CANBUS NO WORKING.
How to get Carprog to communicate on Can Bus?
Compared with original A1 adapter, It’s easy to find WHERE THE PROBLEM IS!!!! in china peoples changing positions CAPACITORS AND RESISTORS !!!!.
carprog ori codecard
carprog po mod
carprog pred mod
IMPORTANT  information:
i don‘t soldered back
i don’t tested ODL MCP if work wit this or not .
So, Carprog A1 rework successfully!
PRT SCR from China clone Carprog programmer no issues to connected to Opel CAN
BIG THANKS to the contributor @rkteck
If it’s not working or hard for you to rework Carprog A1 pcb, you can buy a working A1 cable with the high-quality board:
it’s $11.99, tested by professionals; so, 100% working
  1. a good tip for reference: How to test CarProg with A9 A1 A1+ adapters:
Good luck! All rights reserved see original post How to repair Carprog A1 adapter for CAN BUS communication

6 avril 2017

Program Mercedes E300 2010 Key with VVDI MB Tool

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Just done key programming on a Mercedes-Benz E300 2010 year by using VVDI MB BGA tool key programmer (software 2.1.7).

I have also done Mercedes W204 all keys lost with VVDi mb tool and it worked every time.
I have unlocked W204 ELV many times also. Sometimes it unlocks quickly and sometimes take long but it unlocks.














5 avril 2017

How to set up Honda HIM HDS V3.101.044 on Win7

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Honda HDS HIM diagnostic too with double board new software version 3.101.044 has been tested and verified working perfect by engineer. Here is the step-by-step how-to’s of HDS 3.101.044 Windows 7  installation.
Which operation system is tested on?
Honda HDS Windows 7 32bit
What ECU has been tested on?
2010 Honda Insight engine ECU.
Which Honda HDS scanner is tested with?
HDS 3.101.044 is tested with Honda HIM diagnostic tool china clone from
Where can I download Honda HDS V3.101.044 Software for free?
Free Download Honda HDS HIM 3.101.014 software (Pass: Honda)
What functions are tested?
obdii diagnostic…….yes!
immo (key programming)……yes!
ECU programming….yes!
Here are the detailed functions tested yes:
  1. Functions Supported by OBD-II Protocols
1) Mode $01 – Displays system current parameters in digital form (up to 8 parameters at once);
2) Mode $02 – Displays parameters of freeze frame;
3) Mode $03 – Reading and decoding of fault codes from control block? memory;
4) Mode $04 – Deleting of fault codes (memory clearing);
5) Mode $05 – Displays results of oxygen sensors;
6) Mode $06 – Displays results of changeably controlled systems and components;
7) Mode $07 – Displays results of constantly controlled systems and components;
8) Mode $08 – Management of executive devices;
9) Mode $09 – Displays car identification info.
  1. Functions Supported by Honda/Acura Protocols
1) Reading and decoding fault codes from control blocks memory
2) Deleting fault codes
3) Displays system current parameters in digital form
4) Displays system? current parameters in graphical form
5) Combined displaying of data
6) Management of executive devices
7) Logs keeping – writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory
8) Special functions – changing of permissible settings of blocks, programming etc.
What about the test result?
100% tested without any issues!
Works perfect!
How to install Honda HDS Diagnostic System 3.101.044 Windows 7?
Go to Computer
Open the DVD drive E: Honda 3.101.044
Open the folder Honda 3.101.044
Run the Setup application
Honda HDS 3.101.044 will begin installation.
Accept the agreement
Select the destination. Here: Other (General)
Select the country. Here: the united states
Enter the dealer number 12345789012
Select a language to install
Honda HDS 3.101.044 is installing….
MVCI is installing….
Finish HDS installation
Back to the DVD drive E: Honda 3.101.044
Run GENERAL 64bit registration entries
GENERAL 64bit.reg have been successfully added to the registry
Copy all files in disk E:/new apps for genreg
Run Diagnostic system properties
Open file location
Copy and replace files in disk C:/GenRad/DiagSystem/Runtime/Apps
Close all the interfaces
Open Honda Diagnostic System on Desktop
This is Honda HDS v3.101.044 English Windows 7 32bit version
Press F12
Select HDS diagnostic interface: HIM
Test on INSIGHT 2010
Select Honda system
DTCs/freeze data
So, Honda HDS 3.101.044 is working no issues.

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