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31 janvier 2017

How to install BMW INPA 5.0.2 software on Windows XP

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BMW INPA Windows XP installation guide… Here you go…The inpa ediabas software provided and the procedures proposed are intended for personal, educational and experimental use.


Note: this how-to guide here especially for Windows XP users only

For users with Windows Vista, Win 7 (32/64bit), Win 8, Win10, please go to

BMW INPA Download &  Install on Windows XP Vista Win7 Win8 Win10


bmw inpa / ediabas interface: INPA K+DCAN usb cable

The version 2016 cable is great, designed with the FT232RQ chip and a switch to turn LEFT is for 7 pin or RIGHT for 8 pin (8 pin for K-LINE communication (old DCAN cables cannot do it) for BMW from 1998 to 2008)


k+dcan cable software: INPA 5.0.2


Running system: Windows xp


k+dcan usb interface software installation:

Step 1: Delete ALL versions of INPA-ADS from your computer or remane all INPA-ADS folders.

For example: remane INPA into “_INPA”EDIABAS into “_EDIABAS” and so on.


Step 2: Open folder Step_1\ in the root of the CD-disk comes with the inpa cable

Copy folder EC-APPS onto disk С:\


Step 3: Run file Step_1\NFS\Entpackt\disk1\SETUP.EXE

While installing, choose User Mode

Further choose in opening windows:

  1. Parametrieren einer neuen Konfiguration ohne Daten
  2. 2OBD
  3. Kein API-TRACE
  4. Kein IFH-TRACE
  5. Komfort (.IPO)

! RE-BOOT YOUR Computer !


Step 4: Run file Step_2\INSTALL\Instprog.exe

  1. Choose ENGLISH, press Continue, then press Continue again
  2. While choosing the HDD disk for initial setup

DO NOT change the location C:\.

INPA installation must be on drive С:\ ONLY !

  1. Choose configuration BMW Group Rectification programs UK, press Continue.
  2. Activate all spare boxes with : EDIABAS 6.4.3 – UPDATE, INPA 5.0.1 – UPDATE,

NCS Expert 3.0.8 – Complete

  1. Press Continue.


Step 5: Run file Step_3\INSTALL\Instprog.exe

  1. Choose ENGLISH, press Continue, then Continue again
  2. While choosing the HDD disk for initial setup.

DO NOT change the location C:\.

INPA installation must be on drive С:\ ONLY !

  1. Choose configuration BMW Group Rectification programs UK, press Continue.
  2. Activate all spare boxes with: INPA 5.0.1 – UPDATE, NCS Expert 3.0.8 – UPDATE
  3. Press Continue.


Step 6: Find the file С:\EC-APPS\INPA\CFGDAT\ named inpa.ini

and replace it with the file inpa.ini that is in the root directory of CD-disk given.


Step 7: Plug the Adapter into spare USB-port and install drivers manually from the folderDriver_D_CAN_USB using Driver Wizard of your Windows XP-Service Pack-2


Step 8: Use following pictures for help.


Step 9: In Advanced field change number of COM-port to the value from to 4.

Also change the value of Latency Timer from 16 to 1. Remember the number of the COM-port choosen !



Step 10: In the file EDIABAS.INI “Interface = STD:OBD” must be chosen

(That is default parameter after installing from CD-disk given. Check the parameter if you use another version of INPA !)


Step 11: In the file C:\Windows\OBD.INI put the number of USB-COM-port to the value that you remembered in the step_3


Step 12: Run from CD-disk a file Driver_D_CAN_USB\OBDSetup.exe


Step 13: RE-BOOT your Computer !


Step 14: Use the following order of using K+DCAN USB cable adapter:

– Plug the Adapter into spare USB-port

– Plug the Adapter into OBD-II connector of BMW

– Turn the Ignition into ON position

– Rune the soft INPA with file С:\EC-APPS\INPA\BIN\inpaload.exe

– Choose the model of BMW and type of modul you want to see

– Close the soft and disconnect the Adapter from USB-port each time you change the car connected



K+dcan adapter is already configured to work with BMW both K-line and CAN-bus.

Modes of configuration file D-CAN.exe, that is on the CD-disk given in the folder

_D_CAN_USB as follows:


BMW INPA Cable Configuration:

For configuration interface:

Connect USB cable

Run D-CAN.EXE and setup CAN BUS mode.

LED should OFF

Don’t use USB Extender cable, directly connect interface to computer.

27 janvier 2017

Use FNR Key Prog 4 in 1 to Program Renault Megane Key card

Classé dans : car key programmer — carsets @ 5 h 18 min

Here is an easy way to program a new key card for Renault Megane II using FNR Key Prog 4 in 1 & dealer true code software, no need pin code!


First of all, you need the Renault+Nissan+Ford Key Prog 4-in-1, $69 free shipping here:



the software CD will come with The FNR 4-in-1 Key Prog, so you don’t need to download the software online, but if needed, you can Download FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 software here:

Password: ADKTECH


Part1: install the software

When you got the package, take out the CD, run it on your windows xp laptop

Copy those files in the CD to desktop, open the “setup” file


Run “setup” file to install TrueCode, click OK


Then follow the prompt to complete setup


Run “setup1” in “r+n” file

Select language

Click next to start installing TrueCode version 2.3.1 on hte computer

The setup will install TrueCode to C:\Program Files\ TrueCode, click Next


You can choose “creat a desktop icon” and “creat a quick Launch icon”, then click Next

Click install and wait until installation complete, then click finish to exit setup.


The computer will find new hardware by itself, choose install from a list of specific location(advanced), and click next


The location is “r+n” file-> USB driver -> USB driver file, then click next to begin install


Click finish when setup complete

Note: the USB driver setup wizard may pop out again, just install again


You should change the COM Port Number:

Right click “my computer” and open “Manage”-> “Device Manage”->”Ports(COM&LPT)”

Right click the ”USB Serial Port” and choose “Port settings”->”advanced”, then change the COM Port Number to COM12


Part2: Program Renault Megane II key card

Run “TrueCode” application on the desktop

choose “Renault Diagnostic” section as picture show.


Select car model “Renault Megane II”, click “Connect to selected vehicle” then click “Start Program”.


Place the first key into the reader. Click “OK” and wait. It will show “PIN accepted”, click “OK”.


Now it will show “Procedure Successful” that means FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 key programmer make Renault Megane II new key card OK!


25 janvier 2017

Ktag v6.070 clone read Opel Insignia EDC17C59

Classé dans : ECU chip tuning tool — carsets @ 7 h 42 min

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use V2.13 KTAG V6.070 ECU Programmer reading Opel Insignia ECU EDC17 C59 in EEPROM TC1767.



To read opel insignia EDC17 C59 in a cheap way


First, you need the main unit—ktag ksuite V2.13 ECU master , $79 at here:

Material needed:

Cable 14P600KT02

16-way rainbow ribbon cable 144300T105

Two 470 Ohm resistors

Solder wires


You can start reading Opel Insignia ECU now!

Take apart the ECU from vehicle, open the ECU unit and connect ECU with KTAG




If you don’t know how to connect to ECU, you can choose “Plug-in 688…” to check detailed connection instruction, or it may cause damage to ECU, good luck for you!


Select vehicle model and ECU: OPEL-> Insignia -> BOSCH EDC17C59

Ktag-clone-read-Opel-Insignia-ECU-EDC17C59-5After reading the instruction in detail and solder wires, successfully connect to ECU with KTAG v6.070

Then click OK to continue

Select the plug-in 688


Click “Read”


Ktag is identifying ECU…wait for a while

Then it is reading EEPROM…the operation may take several minutes


KTAG ECU Programmer Reading ECU17C59 successfully! You can save the file to “OPEL-Insignia-2012-ECU17C59”


Finally, Remove the soldered wires and the resistors before re-installing the ECU to vehicle.

19 janvier 2017

Which tool to do Honda Civic NEC DASH Mileage Correction

Classé dans : odometer correction tool — carsets @ 9 h 28 min


I need to change KM on a Honda Civic 2001 with NEC Processor. I’m looking for pinout to this model. I’m attaching pictures. I’m using Digiprog 3 v4.94 odometer correction tool to read not even sure if this programmer does this dash.

Which tool to do Honda Civic NEC DASH Mileage Correction  dans odometer correction tool

 digimaster 3 dans odometer correction tool

Someone suggest using ST47 cable. It will not work.

ST47 is for eeproms, this dash is an NEC processor and Digiprog3 cannot do them.

Need a programmer capable of doing NEC, i.e the powerful mileage programmer-YanHua digimaster 3III.

17 janvier 2017

Launch X431 Scanner M-diag vs. Easydiag vs. Golo

Classé dans : car diagnostic tool — carsets @ 9 h 17 min
Launch M-Diag mobilediag OBDII code reader is much more powerful than Launch X431 Easydiag 2.0 and Golo Easydiag+. It not only excels in basic obdii diagnosis but special functions.
Launch X431 Easydiag 2.0 Golo Easydiag+ Launch M-Diag
Price $59 $120 at ebay $59
Apple ISO
Generic OBDII check
I/M check
Actuation test
4 systems diagnosis

(Engine, transmission, ABS, SRS)
FULL systems diagnosis

incl. bl-directional capabilities
Special functions….
IMMO & key programming
Oil / service reset
Brake pads
Battery matching
ABS bleeding
TPMS reset
Throttle body adaption
Steering angle reset
DPF regeneration
Injector coding
All can work with Android and ISO systems
Launch easydiag 2.0 for $59 only works for four systems diagnosis
Golo easydiag+ works for full system diagnosis
Launch M-diag code scanner for $59 not only covers X431 easydiag 2.0 and Golo easydiag+ (four+full systems diagnosis); but adds new special functions incl.Oil / Service reset,  ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brake pads, steering angle reset, battery matching, DPF regeneration, Injector coding.
Buy the one depending on your own personal use.But it’s wise to get the more powerful M-diag with the same dollars.

16 janvier 2017


Classé dans : truck diagnostic tool — carsets @ 7 h 16 min

Allscanner VXDIAG VCX HD (VCX Heavy Duty) truck diagnostic scan tool supports most of heavy trucks, Buses, Grabs, Cranes and Engineering Machines. It is also the pass-thru reprogramming tool which will perform ECU reprogramming online.
Support heavy duty brands: CAT, HINO, VOLVO, CUMMINS, NISSAN

VXDIAG VCX HD Software Application List: 

BENDIX V6.3.8.0/V5.6.3.0


1. Meets the industry standard RP1210 A/B
2. Optional connectivity: USB and 802.11b/g WIFI wireless
3. The adapters and cables are durable.
4. Allow you to diagnose 12V/24V heavy & light trucks.
5. Hardware meets European CE and American FCC requirements.
6. Firmware update is supported

Compatible Protocols:

SAE-J1708/J1587 On RS485
CAT DATALINK (Caterpillar)
ATA DATALINK (Caterpillar)

VXDIAG VCX HD Hardware Specifications:

CPU:32bit 180MHz ARM CPU
Cable Interface (PC):USB2.0
Network Interface (Optional): LAN 10/100M Ethernet
Wireless Interface (Optional): WLAN 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
Diagnostic Interface:24PIN highly reliable and easy-swap interface to OBD-II 16PIN
Indicator Light:4 LED: Power, Wireless, Host and Vehicle.
Power: Vehicle power input: DC 9V-36V
Compatible: 12V&24V
Power Dissipation: 2W
Size :L x W x H = 175 x 110 x 45 (mm)
Weight: Device Weight: 0.6 Kg
Package: Weight: 2.3 Kg
Shell: Aluminum metal & Rugged plastic shell
Working Temperature: -20~+70 °C
Storage Temperature: -40~+85 °C
Standard Certification: Certification of Euro CE and US FCC

13 janvier 2017

How to Program Skoda Superb ID48 key by Keyline 884 Mini

Classé dans : car key programmer — carsets @ 8 h 04 min

Keyline 884 Decryptor MINI Smart cloner is a simple device to copy ID48,provides you a wide range of opportunities to copy the keys almost 95% of cars. In addition, you can copy ID48 for a price much lower than offered by workshop!


Vehicle model & year:



Open “Key Cloning Tool 884 MINI” application


Insert the original key to top slot of Keyline 884


Key Cloning Tool will recognize type of key


And insert GKM Chip key to the slot(you should install CKM Chip into key shell)




Then insert the GKM Chip key turn on switch -> turn off ignition -> Pull out GKM Chip for 4 times


The dashboard will show “Key not found” cause this chip do not be programmed


After 4 times, re-insert GKM chip key to the slot

The led lights on the Keyline 884 Mini key cloning tool inform the user of the various phases of the cloning procedure, the


Key cloning tool shown:


Pull out GKM Chip and insert original key

Keyline 884 Decryptor is cloning new key, waiting or 30 minutes….


After 30minutes, the calculating time will cost you about 10 minutes


Calculating complete, then insert the GKM Chip key

The 1st and 3rd LED will blink prompt to write chip



GKM phase 2…

Write success!


And all LED steady

Finally, use the new GKM Chip key to start car OK!


More Keyline 884 information will be found on

Good luck!

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