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12 juillet 2016

VAG-Pro Key Programmer for VW AUDI SKODA

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OBDSTAR Tech has recenlty released hand-held F100 key programmer for Ford and Mazda, F108 for Peugeot Citroen, the new OBDSTAR VAG-PRO multi-function tool (diagnostic/key programming/odometer correction /EPB/TPS/SRS etc) for VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT will soon be available in


Price: 115USD (105EURO)

VAG-PRO Multi Function:
1. Mileage adjustment;
2. Read Security code;
3. Maintenance Reset ;
4. EPB(Electronic Park Brake);
5. TPS(Throttle Position Matching);
6. Program Keys;
7. Program Remote;
8. Replace Storage Battery;
9. Reset Airbags;
10. Steering Angle Learning;



VAG-Pro Key Programmer features:

1. Support basic diagnosis for all series car models;
2. Support mileage adjustment for Audi A3, A4(RB4/RB5), A4L, A5, A6, A6L, A8L, Q5, Q7, S5, R8, TT;
3. Support mileage adjustment for VW Bora, Beetle, Caddy, CC, EOS, Lavida, Magotan, Golf, GTI, Jetta, Passat, Phaeton, POLO, Scirocco, Sharan, T5, Tiguan, Touareg, Touran, Tansporter etc..
4. Support mileage adjustment for Fabia, Octavia, Superb, Altea、Ibiza、Leon etc.
5. Support read secutiry code for the 3RD generation immobiliser Bora, Golf, Passat, Lingyu, Jetta, Polo, Sharan etc..
6. Support read security code and Immobiliser for the 3.5 generation immobiliser Lavida, Sagitar, Caddy, Touran, Octavia etc.
7. Support read security code for the 3.5 generation Immobiliser Audi 03-05 A4(RB4), 06-07 A4(RB8), (At present, most device cannot support read security code, when replace used instrument, it is needed. )
8. One click Maintenance reset, no need any channel number, support small and big maintenance auto reset for the latest models till 2014 A8L, A7, A6L, A5, A4L, A3, A1, Q5, Q7,Q3, TT, Magotan, CC, Lavida, Satigar, Passat, Superb, Fabia, Tiguan, Tiguan, Scirocco, EOS, Touareg, Gran Lavida etc.
9. Support replace brake pads for the cars with EPB, support brake pad thickness input directly, intelligent operation, no need channel number;
10. Support throttle position matching, auto-identification vehicles, intelligent operation;
11. Before the 4th generation immobiliser, support intelligently program keys , no need channel number;
12. Before the 4th generation immobiliser, support intelligently program remote, no need channel number;
13. Replace storage battery for the vehicles with Automatic start-stop device;
14. Repair airbags collision data for old VW5, VW51 etc.;
15. Steering angle learning for G85;
16. VW, AUDI the 4/5th generation adapter is being developed, support optional.


OBDSTAR VAG Pro Hardware Configuration

1. The main unit adopts ARM high-speed chip, the speed is faster;
2. Support multi-language condition, it can be used in different countries.
3. Integrated structure design, anti-throw, anti-shake, durable and long lasting;
4. Industrialization design, it can work stably under the bad environment, such as hot and cold temperature etc ;
5. Large capacity TF card, online update;
6. Offer 1 years free update for the opened software.


NOTE: More car models and function are successively being updated……
As different systems have different programming operation methods , we won’t list one by one here, please follow the prompts in the device to operate.

11 juillet 2016

Jaguar LandroverJLR Mangoose SDD V146 Updated

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JLR Mangoose SDD v146 diagnostic software for Jaguar and Land rover is released in Jul., 2016. Free download the latest version to do diagnostic tests or reprogramming for Jaguar and Land Rover made in 2005 – 2014.


Free download JLR SDD v146 software:

Parent Directory 1k

JLR PanasonicScript-Setup 14.4M

Read me_07 06 2016 .pdf 1.3M

SDD_146.00_FULL.exe 3206M

SDD_146.01.exe 169M

SDD_146.02.exe 530M

SDD_146.03.exe 827M

SDD_146_145_UPDATE.exe 888M

SPA_146.00.exe 391M

VDF_JA_146.exe 779M

VDF_JV_146.exe 4080M

VDF_LA_146.exe 3647M

VDF_LV_146.exe 4070M



The newest SDD 146 has not been tested by engineer yet, with unknown security also, but we will test it and report the result later.



If you want the SAFE one, you can try the tested versions:

JLR Mangoose Pro SDD V143

V143 JLR Mangoose SDD

V143 JLR Mangoose Pro SDD


JLR SDD 143 is the best versions in the market, of high quality and with good reputation.



Mangoose sdd v146 installation reference:



FAQ of JLR Mangoose SDD

JLR Mangoose adapter didn’t work?

Q2: When I used 134 JLR Mangoose in the morning, its adapter worked well. But in the evening, after I changed the setting of Land Rover Freelander 2 and linked USB again, the indicator light of adapter didn’t work. It says that SDD procedure fail to connect. Does it mean the equipment broken? By the way, my computer belongs to Windows 7 x86 system.

A2: Try to change the setting back. Have customers ever used the Windows 7 system to test car before, Windows 7 system cannot be used, better use Windows XP and disconnect the internet.


JLR Mangoose green light become red light and doesn’t work

Q3: After I used JLR Mangoose for three days, the green light changed into red and it didn’t work. Is this equipment broken?
A3: Open the device manager to see if the driver is normal. If yes, open JLR Mangoose to see if JLR Mangoose can identify the device. If not, try to reinstall JLR Mangoose.

7 juillet 2016

How to install BME ENET cable E-sys Software

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Here, you can free download different versions of BMW F-series characteristic coding software including E-sys v3.22.5, Esys 3.26.1, and E SYS v3.27.1.


Where to free download E-sys program?

(newest) E-sys 3.27.1!E1YzzSxQ!DRr7BE8YL7GWEX8YqBbH9g

(unknown secirity) E sys 3.26.1!Z5dgGZRC!uovkspjgtekOvk9tzrhnxUQUQ8hLIF26YDxwSo1740c

(safe) E-sys 3.22.5


Only E-SYS V3.22.5 is tested by obd365 engineers among all the E-sys versions above. Other versions are shared in the forums; just put it here for share and TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Why to use E-sys v3.22.5?

It is the NEVER-EXPIRE version.

There are many free download links online, but usually, it will expire in a few days or ask you to pay for continuous use or buy tokens.


What to use ENET with E-sys v3.22.5?

DIY an ENET cable BMW with the help of the following guide- it’s easy but requires a bit technique. You can have a try and then decide to whether buy a new one if you fails to DIY.

If you wanna buy enet interface from vendors, don’t spend too much on it- that is, just buy a cheap knock-off online:

this is a reliable vendor with lots of good reputation talking about in the forums.


How to setup E-sys 3.22.5?

– In Windows system

01) Run “E-sys\E-Sys_Setup_3_22_5_b34057.exe” to install program to default location “C:\EC-Apps\ESG” (i.e. “C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys\”) 

02) During E-Sys installation, when prompted change the default Data Path from “C:\Data\” to “C:\ESysData\”. 

03) Copy “EDIABAS” folder to the root of “C:\” (i.e. “C:\EDIABAS”) 

04) Run “C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\Ediabas-Konfigurator\Ediabas-Konfigurator.exe” and make sure “Interface:” is set to “INTERFACE=ENET”. 

(It should already be set, but check anyway – if you need to change it, use the drop-down list and select “INTERFACE=ENET” and then “Andern” and then “Ende”.) 

-05) Create subfolder “E-Sys EST” under “C:\ESysData\” (i.e. “C:\ESysData\E-Sys EST”)

06) Copy EST Token File (e.g. “Code Away.EST”) to “E-Sys EST” folder (i.e. “C:\ESysData\E-Sys EST\Code Away.EST”) 



07) If existing “psdzdata” folder exists in “C:\ESysData\” (i.e. “C:\ESysData\psdzdata”) delete it.
08) Copy downloaded “psdzdata” folder to “C:\ESysData\” (i.e. “C:\ESysData\psdzdata”) 

09) Make sure that there is a “Dist” folder in each of the Chassis folders (F01/F10/F20/F25/K001/RR01) etc.(e.g. “C:\ESysData\psdzdata\mainseries\F010\F010_12_03_511\odx\dist”) 

(It should already be set, but check anyway – if not there – create empty “Dist” folders for each chassis folder) 



– In MacBook OS 10 X operating system

Successfully make BMW ENET cable E-Sys 3.22.5 run in a Virtual Windows environment running under



these instructions have been prepared from a MacBook Pro running

MacOS version 10.7.4, along with VMWare Fusion version 4.1.2 (not in bootcamp

mode), running Windows 7 (x86) SP1.

The configuration and instructions prepared for E-Sys can be followed exactly as they

have been prepared for the Windows environment here within the virtual windows as


Please configure the VMWare Network Adapter to have a bridged connection to the

OSX physical adapter, as in the following screenshot:

e-sys-runs-on-macosx (1)
at the time this screenshot was captured, the Ethernet wire was not connected to the car, hence it is shows a red circle in front of the title “Ethernet”. Once connected to the car (or any active ethernet wire), the circle will be green.

If disk space is of no concern, then the rest of the instructions below can be ignored. However, considering the size of the psdzdata folder (approximately 15 gigabytes and growing per release), and usually virtual machines do not have as much disk space available to them as the parent OS, one can store the psdzdata folder on the Mac side and allow E -Sys to see the files from within the virtual windows.

Ensure that Windows is able to see a folder on the MacOS environment as a standard shared resource. The easiest way to do this is to enable Shared Folders and Mirror the Downloads folder to be the same between the virtual Windows and MacOS:

e-sys-runs-on-macosx (2)
Now, create a folder called “BMW” or anything else that is desired on the Mac’s Downloads folder. The contents of the MacOSX downloads folder will be available in Windows via Z:\Downloads under Windows Explorer.
e-sys-runs-on-macosx (3)

In the ~/Users/username/Downloads/BMW folder, create a folder called: “ESysData”,

and copy the contents of the folder “C:\EsysData” to the “Z:\Downloads\BMW\EsysData”

folder. Now extract the entire downloaded “psdzdata” folder content in the psdzdata

folder of the MacOS environment. Lastly, copy (not move) the contents of the following


to the following folder within the EsysData folder structure created above:


Please note that the “username” that appears in the above two paths will be the MacOS

User’s username. Also, considering the fact that the Windows filesystem does not

support case-sensitivity, the folder name cases specified above do not have any

significance other than readability.

In E-Sys, from the “Options” menu select “Settings…” and then select the “Program” tab.

Ensure that the EsysData folder path is correctly specified with respect to where they

are on the MacOSX environment and the Windows shared folder path. See screenshot:

e-sys-runs-on-macosx (4)

The EST file also needs to be mapped to E-Sys, and this file can be stored on the Mac side as well. Although it does not have a significant file size, it is advantageous to have this file on the Mac side for those who use Time Capsule as a backup solution and would like these files to be backed-up. In this case, the following illustration shows where the location of the EST file can been configured:
e-sys-runs-on-macosx (5)

The rest of the instructions that have been prepared for windows need to be followed in order to alter the coding of a BMW via E-Sys running in VMWare Fusion and MacOSX.


How do people think of ENET cable?

Coding F10 sport display – Success

“As always open up Esys 3.22.5, Read FA, Read SVT and activate FA. Then read the coding data from HU_CIC or HU_NBT and the KOMBI module and edit the FDL to make the changes. I have managed to activate sport display for my F10”


DIY enet cable is easy – Success

“I myself did a ENET cable as online shops display, only using a CAT5 lan cable, a 510-560 ohm resistor and a OBD male plug, or, purchase it online. Only four wires are connected and there is no need to ground anything… anyone can try it”


coding auto start stop off notification on 2012 F30s – Success

“I changed the build date on my VO to 0712, VO coded KOMBI and it all works! When auto start stop is not running, I get a notification on my instrument cluster just like on the 2013 models!”


F30 video in motion coding – Success

“good at video in motion coding.. I used this cable to enable it for the passenger to enjoy watching a DVD that help me save a lot!”


Reactivate F30 FSC codes – Success

“it helped me reactivate FSC codes without problems used E-sys program to read all FSCs and certficates. and used Tool32 to clear the FSC store and then use E-sys to reload all FSC’s and certs and activate them.”


It can run on MacBook Pro – Suceess

“i managed to coding via E-Sys running in VMWare Fusion and MacOSX. (a MacBook Pro running MacOS version 10.7.4, along with VMWare Fusion version 4.1.2 (not in bootcamp mode), running Windows 7 (x86) SP1)”

6 juillet 2016

How to run DAS Xentry on MacBook Air VMware

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Here is the DIY tutorial on set up Mercedes-Benz MB Star diagnostic DAS Xentry software on MacBook Air.



We are not responsible for the damage. Many thanks to turbo97se who provided the VMware Images.


Many of us have been struggling using trusty old HP laptop to run DAS.  It is super slow because it runs a virtual machine of MB Star SD Connect C4 diagnosis DAS Xentry… it would take 5 minutes or more just to boot the virtual machine! I have tried a couple of times to migrate to a new laptop but the newer ones don’t have serial. I have tried several USB to serial adapters but the only one that works is the FTDI. I then fought with a couple of settings to get it to work. I thought I would do some screenshots and mini-tutorial on how to make this work. I am using a Macbook Air, but some of the instructions apply to windows machines.

1. Install the FTDI driver Latest drivers here:
2. Install VMWARE – Mine was VMWARE Fusion
3. Open Virtual Machine file. I recommend copying it to your local drive if you have space. It is about 65GB.

4. Start the Virtual Machine
5. Plug in the FTDI cable and you will see the screen below:


6. Select connect to Windows. You may need to install the drivers in Windows. Mine installed automatically without installing drivers on the virtual machine.

7. In the virtual machine select control panel -> system as shown below:


8. Go to Ports (Com & LPT) and select communications ports and disable all active serial ports.

9. Select the USB com port. Go to advanced and set the port to port 2.


Special thanks to turbo97se who provided the VMware Images.

2016.05 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Star Diagnosis Plus Dell D630 Laptop Software Pre-installed

5 juillet 2016

VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool V2.1.1 Free Download

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Mercedes-Benz VVDI MB BGA Tool key programmer software just update to V2.1.1.


Software version: V2.1.1

Firmware version: V2.1.1


VVDI MB Tool V2.1.1 Update Feature:

*** 2016-06-28
*** Require firmware V2.1.1
===== BENZ V2.1.1 =====
1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.1.1, software v2.1.1
2. Add connection diagram for new NEC key adaptor
3. Support repair W204 ESL fatal error and repair old motorola ELV. you need buy an extra adaptor for ESL
4. Bugfix


*** 2016-05-31
*** Require firmware V2.0.9
===== BENZ V2.1.0 =====
1. Fixbug for write original NEC key via IR
2. Fixbug for show finish error information in IR read password


Free download VVDI Benz MB BGA V2.1.1!ywRAkS5C!Imp2PyIpbIt5DxZOINn8tJUQr1HdPiR0GWEsSyKYWs8


 VVDI MB BGA TOOL User Manual 


How to update VVDI MB BGA Key Programmer?

1. Update Firmware
The program will read the newest software version from server automatically
Update firmware steps:
1) Connect VVDI – MB TOOL to PC with USB cable
2) Choose VVDI – MB TOOL firmware version from Firmware List
3) Press button Update Online, wait the progress end
4) If failed to get firmware list or get something like “communicate with server error!”
while update your device, close antivirus and firewall programs, try again. Change
your internet provider once failed again
5) DON’T shutdown your PC or disconnect USB cable while update device 

Reflash Firmware List
Update Online Tool will connect to server automatically and download the newest firmware information. You can press reflash picture button if there’s no display. After you get information success, will display current support firmware list, the software support by specify firmware and the mainly include update information
Device Information
After connect VVDI-MB TOOL to PC and install USB drivers, Press button Device
Information, will show you VVDI-MB TOOL Serial Number, current firmware version and hardware version etc
Update Online
After connect VVDI-MB TOOL to PC and install USB drivers, choose you expect firmware version from firmware list, Press button Update Online, wait progress finish (about 3 minutes) (Require internet)
2. Update software
This function require internet support
Use “Menu ->Update Online->Software Update” to obtain VVDI MB TOOL latest software version, the software version require firmware version etc. Press Download Link will download the latest software
If there’s no display for software version, shutdown your firewall and antivirus programs, try again
3. Latest Update Information
This function require internet support
Use “Menu->Update Online->Latest Update Information” to obtain VVDI-MB TOOL latest update information
4. History Update Information
Use “Menu->Update Online->History Update Information” to obtain VVDI-MB TOOL history update information

4 juillet 2016

Which tool to make Peugeot Expert 2012 Key

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I need to program a new key in Peugeot Expert Tepee 2012. I have SBB China key programmer to do this job. But i have trouble in doing this. Detail goes here:


I have searched and see somebody have successfully programmed an Expert 2010 as 207 CAN with SBB. I want to know if I can program this 2012 at the same way. In other way I have a big doubt about the transponder needed, because I only have PCF7936, and in Peugeot Transponder Catalog i found:

PEUGEOT EXPERT 2002 2006 Transponder PHILIPS Crypto2 ID46 ● JMA : TP12, TPX4 ● PCF7941 ● PCF7936
PEUGEOT EXPERT 2007 Transponder PHILIPS Crypto2 ID46 ● PCF 7961 ● JMA : TP12, TPX4 ● PCF 7941

In PCF7941 datasheet I found:
-Transponder operation like PCF7936 family
-Consequently, the device is configured for PCF7936 (HITAG2) transponder emulation and set to INIT mode, providing full support regarding the Monitor and Download Interface.

I need to know if I can program this car with SBB and with PCF7936.


Solution from professional locksmith:

We have tested this model with SBB clone key programmer but result is not okay. Finished job with MVP Pro (the key pro m8). You can also try the new OBDSTAR F108 PSA programmer which supports

PSA CAN system
Expert (VF3X)



OBDSTAR F108 support car list

2 juillet 2016

FAQ Xhorse VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool

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FAQ Function:

Q: I own Mercedes-Benz VVDI MB BGA Tool key programmer. I bought EIS W221 lock with a key from the lock from one machine. I have read the PSW. I will make a complete loss of W221 key in the future?


You have used/2nd-hand EIS with working key, you can do like this for W221 all key lost

  1. Read all key lost EIS data-> save EIS data
  2. read used EIS data enter password, get erase password->renew used EIS.
  3. Load step1 EIS data to renewed EIS with password->write EIS data
  4. Load EIS data (with key password)->prepare key file
  5. Input new key to device IR reader->load key file->write
  6. Insert new key to EIS->EIS will learn the new key->key learn success

By the way, if your all key lost W221 is Motorola EIS, not need to change EIS, remove eis get eeprom by programmer (VVDI PROG)

Then load eeprom to VVDI MB TOOL prepare key file.


Q: W204 all keys lost, how to do with VVDI MB BGA tool?


Currently version W204 all key lost steps: (user should buy a new EIS first)

  1. Read EIS data via obd, then Save EIS data
  2. adapt ESL: Read ESL data->Get Erase Password->Renew ESL
  3. Change new EIS, Load EIS data(step1)->write Key Password(enter manually and at random)->Write EIS data
  4. Personalize W204 ESL
  5. Load EIS data (with Key Password)->Prepare Key File
  6. Input new Key to device IR reader->Load Key file->write
  7. Insert new Key to EIS->EIS will learn the new key->key learn success


Q: How to change W204 ESL? In garage I have Mercedes w204 2008 year. Problem is ESL stop working check ESL and it damage. I buy second hand. Read original ESL read EIS all write to new (second hand) ESL, change VIN code and ESL start work , but ignition if I turn key not work.


Please refer to change W204 ESL steps:
ESL: Clear TP, Renew ESL (need erase password)
EIS: Renew EIS(need password & erase password)
Write EIS data back, then Personalize W204ESL

one token for read key code


Q: How to get a new ESL for W204?

A:1 get key password
2 save EIS data with Pass
3 renew EIS
4 write saved EIS data
5 renew ELV
6 in EIS personalize ELV
7 Insert Key all should work


FAQ accessories:

Q: I’m planning to buy VVDI MB BGA TOOL, it seems good.

I want to ask where to buy reliable/affordable keys Benz chrome style for use with vvdi mb

A:Those are working good and they are re-writable through the IR!


Q: do you have some kind of emulators for the EIS’s?
Because it really hard to have the car to connect the OBD, if I can do all in the laboratory it will be realllllyy good.

A: this is what you are after mate


NEC adapter

Q: Can vvdi mb tool read, erase write Nec in mercedes keys

A: Yes ,but need new NEC adapter (Item No. SO374)


Q: Can VVDI MB tool repair ESL w204?

A: you will need their new ESL adapter also named Xhorse ELV simulator (see below pic), and we must hope that it will work good as xhorse still have some little problem with dealer pass or erase password calculation but it only few little bugs that I hope they will fix it soon.


Q: How to renew v35? I’m trying to renew v35 and I get read failed 1007 or something of that sort, can’t renew with the green old adapter.



A: please refer to following connection diagram, it worked.


Q: Can’t renew v07 keyless go nec on board.Say error -1004

A: please check your nec adaptor version. if its new nec key adaptor, renew again try several times until renew success.
If you use old nec adaptor need to modify the connection lines, click on “Diagram” in software, it will show you in new version.


Q: How many token will it cost each time?


If you own the condor key cutting machine then you get 1 token per day free

This promo (1 free token a day) is available only for the Condor machines (new and old). Other Xhorse products are not part of the offer.

Please Kindly Notice: The password can only calculate on your device. At the other will not work.


FAQ Errors:

Q: I try to renew used EZS nr. A216.545.05.08 used from W221, but not possible, still renew failed read okay, renew failed…inside seat some “NEW YORK”

A: did you get the correct password & erase password?

Both Key password and Erase password are required.

1) For the “Key password”, you can get it by adding keys.

2) For the “Erase password”, you can get by VVDI MB tool it is at 90% percent success rate, if no success; email us the EIS data for help.


Q: I have ml w164 lose key after i get eis with key and do its renew ok but after i tray to write old eis original data to renew eis isn’t accept there is cant communicate with obd

A:currently need to connect gateway. New version will release an extra adapter then can work without gateway.


Q: I add one key in ML engine 320CDI year 2008. Original key ver.57

I found the psw through server (like BGA). I prepared genuine key, but the car doesn’t open with first original key. After, I opened with mechanical key, insert first key and the start the engine. The new key work, but the first key some time left the synchronization and don’t close the doors.

A:because u got the password from the original key in this version u need to rewrite the original key after reading the password so vvdi mb bga after password reading jt gave u key file this file u need to write it back then original key will work again.


Q:can’t get password from old hc05 Motorola stop at 90%

A:There is no tool that can get password from a hc05 eis via IR or k-line. No need to keep trying that. Not possible


Q: A customer is to arrive with GLK X204 2011. Is it possible to calculate the password for this thing? There’s 204 (without X) stated in the manual, but is the program able to work with X204? I’m asking because i’m afraid of possible consequences

A:Same as w204 ezs


Q: I’m a bit concerned by the reports of existing keys being damaged during the reading process.

What percentage of them is being damaged?

A: To me it happened only once (sync was broken) when trying to extract pass from an unsupported model(W203).


Q:Need to make a key for all keys lost GL320 2009, USA. Could it still be motorola EZS by any chance? or is it like ML class with NEC?

A: NEC Ezs in all GL models


Q: Got error file corrupted almost every time I try to start the software?
I do it with the latest 2.1.0 version. The computer is with XP SP3.
The only one workaround I discovered is to extract the software from the archive every time.


A:The anti-virus software caused this issue, usually you can setting VVDI MB TOOL software as ‘trust file’ from anti-virus software.


Q: I just try password W210 through IR and no go. Counter go till 90% and then stop. Tried it several time without success.

A:have checked about this issue, only support parts of Motorola HC05,HC08(K LINE) eis. if cannot support will show failed. new version software modify the prompt.


Q: can I read hash data eis w203 2002-2004 via IR ? ( on car )

A: Same as any other tool, some it can, some it can’t.
There is no 100% solution.

As far as I know the key hashes (not including password) all tools can read that have Ir adapter and on all das3 eis. Nothing spectacular.. pass read is something else.


Q: tried to renew w210 eis i got the key password and erase password but once i click on renew eis it says failed how can i renew eis for motorola w210.



A: You can’t renew w210 eis by IR.

Please ensure your password is correct, and then try again. Some types of old K line eis cannot support renew.

1 juillet 2016

How to make BMW halogen angel eyes to DRLs?

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Share are two common methods to complete Halogen to LED DRL conversion, one with NCS expert and the other by hardwire. Follow at your own risk!


Method 1 – Use NCS expert to get the halogen light angel eyes as DRL


Here, all complete with BMW ICOM A2 emulator as well as NCS expert. BMW INPA K+DCAN cable is also ok. It is a good choice for E series owners.


To disable the DRL (halogen), if you have access to a NCS setup, you just disable it. If you are in Canada or any other country where the DRL are mandatory, only NCS expert will be able to do the change, not GT1. The reason is because GT1 reads the country code when connecting, and disable options that are not allowed for those country.



To get the halogen light angel eyes as DRL (on all the time) and still working as welcome lights, the following lines need to be looked at in the NFRM.


The blue ones are the lines I had to change but I’ve copied the others just to make sure. Once this is done, just go into the OBC and enable the DRL – Voila!


Note that this is for cars with halogen LCI angel eyes, I’m not sure of the procedure for cars with Xenon lights but I believe it’s roughly similar.




Method 2 – hardwired the angel eyes as DRL

If you want to do it the hardware way, like I did, just rewire your DRL like the schematic I put below.


I already disabled the halogen DRL, and hardwired the angel eyes as DRL, but the light output is so low, I would like to have the fog as well for safety.
When there is 12v coming from the car (flashing to pass), the 12v relay kicks in and send that 12v to the halogen bulb. When running normally, there is 6v going to the relay, but it is not enough voltage to trigger the relay, so no voltage to the bulb. The 10 ohms resistor is there to put a load and avoid the burnt light indicator. You will need to install a resistor on each side L-R, but the relay circuit can be used to feed both DRL.

For the Angel Eyes, it is similar. You need to use the red-white wire in the ECU box (red wire with white stripes). You will see many wires with that color, just use the one with the biggest size. They are all ignition 12v feeding different parts of the car. Disconnect your battery before doing connections in the ECU box to be on the safe side. Without cutting the wire, just skin a portion of the insulation, and feed a new wire in the rubber grommet into the ECU box and solder it to the red-white wire and tape it.
Again the resistor circuit needs to be repeated on both sides but the relay can feed both AEs.

I did that modification on my E46 (2004-2011) and my E53 (2011-now) and it works very well.



DRL circuit


Angle-eyes circuit:


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