30 juin 2016

Xprog M v5.5.5 vs. Xprog V5.60

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2016 latest version Xprog Box ECU Programmer XPROG-M V5.60 with more ecu chip authorizations is available in


Xprog V5.60 feature& function:

Language: English

Newest Version V5.60 
Operating system:  Windows XP 32-bit or Windows 7 64-bit


XPROG-M V5.60 Authorizations:

AUTH-0001 Motorola HC05 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)

AUTH-0002 Motorola HC08 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)

AUTH-0003 Motorola HC11 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)

AUTH-0004 Motorola HC12, 9S12 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM and flash memory)

AUTH-0005 Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374 family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM)

AUTH-0006 Motorola HC05Bxx and HC05Xxx family bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured EEPROM and flash memory)

AUTH-0007 ST M35080 authorization. Read/Write/Erase device to delivery state.

AUTH-0008 BMW EWS3 authorization

AUTH-0009 ATMEGA family authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM and flash memory)

AUTH-0010 MB ZGS001 authorization

AUTH-0011 Motorola HC11EA9/E9 bypass security authorization (allows to bypass security bit and read EEPROM and RAM memory)

AUTH-0012 National CR16 authorization (allows to read/write EEPROM memory)

AUTH-0014 ST7, ST10 family authorization (allows to read/write internal flash)

AUTH-0015 MPC5xx authorization (depending on device program automatically detects MPC5xx, M95xxx device type, flash, external flash and configuration memory size)

AUTH-0018 Motorola HC12, HC912, MC9S12, MC9S12X bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured EEPROM and flash memory)

AUTH-0020 ARM (Micronas, …) Family authorization (allows to read/write internal flash and external serial EEPROM)

AUTH-0021 ARM (Micronas, …) Family bypass security authorization (allows to read/write secured and non-secured internal flash and external serial EEPROM, view/change mileage,chassis number (VIN), serial number and PIN code).

AUTH-0023-1 MAC7xxx(New added)

AUTH-0023-2 XC23xx(New added)

AUTH-0024-1 MC9S12Cxx(New added)

AUTH-0024-2 MC9S12XE(New added)


AUTH-0024-4 MC9S12HA/HY/P

AUTH-0025-1 MPC/SPC5xxx (newly added)


Xprog v5.60 Hardware information shown as below:


What’s the difference between Xprog V5.60 and Xprog-m V5.55?

Compared with Xprog v5.55, Xprog-m 5.60 have additional function as follow photos shows:

1. If your Xprog is older version,cannot use this newest dongle to update to V5.60

2. Close all of the computer anti-software. If not, X-prog software may be killed.

3. Disconnect the internet. If not, the internet may damage the hardware.

4. Uninstall all the old xprog-m, or xprog box software, make sure that your PC only install our software for our xprog-box 5.60 , our xprog-box hardware cannot work with other lower or higher software. If not, the hardware will be damaged, and will lose its warranty…

5. Never try to UPDATE, the hardware will be damaged if you want to try to upgrade it online, without any warranty.

6. We cannot refund, cannot exchange, can not repair if you do not listen to those advices. It means that you accept those conditions if you have ordered our xprog-box.

29 juin 2016

VVDI RKE BOX program Honda CRV remote key

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Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX is able to change the original straight remote control to folding remote. The VVDI RKE BOX is tested working fine to add remote key for Honda CR-V 2013. Working together withVVDI 2 and VVDI2 mini remote programmer. How do they work? Please go on reading.


Vehicle tested:

Honda CR-V 2013


Optional VVDI RKE BOX  remote control switching box for this test:

  1. Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX 6V/9V/12V (DS type)


2. Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX 3V (B5 type)


Original straight key with 46 chip


Connection Diagram:

How Xhorse VVDI RKE BOX connect with VVDI 2 and mini remote programmer


Method: manual program remote


Manually program new remote key with VVDI RKE BOX:

1.Insert key into ignition switch

2. Turn ignition to ON position, press “Lock” button on the remote

3. Turn ignition off, then turn ignition to ON position, press “Lock” button on the remote

4. Turn ignition off, then turn ignition to ON position, press “Lock” button on the remote

5. Turn ignition off, again turn it on and press “Lock” button. Press on “Unlock” button.

(Note: If you need program 2 remotes, change Step 5 to: Turn ignition off, again turn it on and press both sides of the “Lock” button on the remote. Then press on “Lock” button twice on another remote.)



Longest range remote control 20 Meters


Test results:
VVDI RKE BOX can program remote key without any functional error.
The longest range remote control distance can be as long as 20 meters.
Comparing with the original straight key, the folding key is more satisfied avoiding prick owner’s leg.

28 juin 2016

How to use BMW ICOM A2 with NCS Expert

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It’s a dummy guide to help many out and try to make sense of NCS expert with BMW ICOM A2.

All said by a ICOM A2 user at bmw forum…

He said:

Before all operation, you need a good ICOM A2 emulator, clone or original

I used clone bmw icom a2 wifi at


Used it for years and updated to ISTA-D 3.54ISTA-P 3.58 in SSD… Much faster and more stable

Then, i have to mention that ALL PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is just my interpretation for educational/entertainment value only. I am not responsible for you blowing up your car or damaging your modules.
So here goes the key point:

This is roughly how it works… and my dummy interpretation of it. Please read it fully if you want to understand, this isn;t exactly a quick cheat sheet guide.

On Pre ’02 cars the coding is slightly different method than Post ’02 cars. I am only going to elaborate on coding individual parameters, you can go learn how to code entire modules thru the VO later once you learn the basics below.

The first part to understand is what this stuff about ZCS/VO or “vehicle order” is. When BMW makes a car, they create whats called a “vehicle order”, this is basically a bunch of numbers writen into the car that tell what modules are installed in the car, regional info etc. This is like your car’s DNA! for example if the car has a sunroof, or a convertible or radio etc etc and that it was meant for US,Canada,France etc. Because each car is different with a different set of options/modules or country that its located, the “vehicle order” aka. “ZCS” or “VO” may be different. Why is it called ZCS you ask? because its abbreviated german, and its confusing as hell.

The VO is written into a couple modules of the car, usually ones that start with an “A”, like AKMB or ALSZ. On some cars its written elsewhere. In my 02 M3, the VO was written in ALSZ and AKMB. On my ’00 328ci it was stored in EWS, KMB. Its nothing more than a string of text/numbers stored in the flash memory of these modules, nothing special. Why is it written into two places? because if one module is failed and has to be replaced, then the other will serve as a backup so you can code the new replacement module to your car. For example ALSZ is the “light switch module” in your car, for some reason it fails. When you buy a new LSZ/LCM, you can retrieve all your settings of VO from AKMB and then code your new LCM to YOUR factory settings. The chances of both modules failing is slim, but if it does… you’ll have to contact BMW so they can give you the VO for your car from their records.

OK the one difference is pre-02 cars dont have a VO. Those cars have their ZCS (which acts like a VO) stored in the EWS or KMB modules. The stuff below is basically identical however for individual parameter coding.

Now go get into the basics of coding.

1. When you load NCS expert, you need to load a profile. These profiles just change how ncs expert behaves when you read your car. The two profiles i stick to are “expertmode” and “revtor’s expert profile”. if you dont have it, you can find it on the net easily. In order to code your car the first time, you should pick “revtors“. This has something called “manipulation” enabled… ill elaborate on that later.

2. Once the profile is loaded, you basically need to select Vin/ZCS/FA in order for ncs to download VIN info off your car. Once it does this, it will ask you to select a module. Why? because it needs to know your “vehicle order” information. In most cases it will probably be in an “A” module. if it doesnt load, or cant be accessed, no harm done, just try a different module. When it is able to read it, you will see a long string next to “FA” starting with your chassis “E46_” followed by numbers and text along with #’s and $’s. This is your VO. Now that NCS Expert knows it, it can code your car properly!

CODING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MODULE YOU JUST SELECTED TO READ THE VO FROM! This perplexed me for the longest time, I didn’t understand why i selected two modules each time, or what the difference selecting AKMB or ALSZ or etc the first time was. Well… It has no bearing!! all NCS is doing is reading the text/number string that is your VO off the memory in these modules in this first step. You will actually select the desired module to code in later steps.

** PRE-02 cars, you wont see the long FA “VO” string, instead there will be a few lines FG, GM, VN, SA followed by numbers, its basically the same thing different format. For all intents and purposes this is referred to by me as the vehicle order or ZCS for a pre-02 car.

ON POST-02 cars select any module with “A’ in front of it, on PRE-02 the “A” modules wont work, you will need to use EWS or KMB for this step… It doesnt matter which. 

Now this guide will touch on the basics to code INDIVIDUAL items on your car. The steps to add items to your VO and code your modules is different and i wont comment on that here, because it will confuse the amateur. Just understand the basics of individual coding first, then coding from your VO will all make sense later.

3. The next part is to download your factory settings in your car to your PC. Once you get the VO loaded, you hit the BACK button. The default job in NCS is to write SO BE VERY CAREFUL here. You will see all your modules listed, for example “EWS,ABG,ASC,KMB,APL,…..etc” and underneath “SG_CODIEREN”

NCS at this point is set to SG_CODIEREN, which means to WRITE to ALL modules listed. You dont want to do that.

4. So now select “Process ECU”, and select the INDIVIDUAL MODULE you want to code. For example LSZ (light switch module). Once you do this, it will say only LSZ (and not all the modules in your car).

5. Now you want to change the job from WRITE to READ. Select “CHANGE JOB”, then select “CODIERDATEN_LESEN”. This is to READ DATA.

6. Once selected it will confirm this by indicating the module and job type on the screen. Now you are ready. Hit “EXECUTE JOB”.

It will say Coding Activ, then Coding Ended.

7. At this point, in your NCSexpert/WORK/ folder there will be a file called “FSW_PSW.TRC”

This is what we want, the coding of your LSZ module that we read earlier. IMMEDIATELY save a backup of this file, rename it to FSW_PSW_LSZ_ORIGINAL.TRC and save it somewhere incase you decide you want to revert to the original copy. Now I want you to resave another copy of this FSW_PSW.TRC file as FSW_PSW.MAN (manipulation…hint hint). Make sure it doesnt save as FSW_PSW.MAN.TXT or some crap like that, it wont work properly.

OK why all this juggling?? because NCS expert only reads modules and saves EVERYTHING as a FSW_PSW.TRC file. Regardless of what module you read in your car, this is what the filename will be. And everytime you load NCS expert, this file is constantly erased, written and re-written. So thats why we are saving it as FSW_PSW.MAN so we can alter it safely without our copy being overwritten.

8. Now open up FSW_PSW.MAN with a text editor.

You will see a long list of stuff like this..


This is where you can code. now its all in german, so you will need to run these words in a translator (google) to understand it, OR you can use NCS Dummy that translates this stuff for you and gives you all available parameters, but thats a whole different program and you ought to learn how to use it.

This is what the above looks like if translated. Now you can see how we can deactivate/activate certain things. Im going to deactivate DRLs here.

dont report



By changing to nicht_activ, it deactivates this setting. Now don’t go crazy, some codes are redundant so changing just one thing wont do the trick. This takes some time and effort to find the right code/codes to work with.

9. Once you are happy, SAVE your FSW_PSW.MAN file.

10. Open up NCS expert, load up “revtors” profile (with manipulation enabled), and reload it to the part where the VO is loaded and its asking you to process ecu (Basically steps 1-3) Look above how to do this. Once you’re there, select “PROCESS ECU”, select the correct module you are coding, in this case “LSZ”. Then select “CHANGE JOB” and make sure you pick “SG_CODIEREN”. Once this is done, you are ready to code the car.

NCS will basically now take the FSW_PSW.MAN file, and overwrite the codes in your car’s LSZ module with your new settings. It only uses the MAN file because you are using a profile with “manipulation” enabled. The other mode “expertmode” does not have manipulation, and you cannot code individual stuff like this using that profile.

11. Hit “EXECUTE JOB”. Wait till it says “Coding ended”. Now your new LSZ is coded. Turn off the car, and restart, and check to see if your results are as expected!

12. Open up the /WORK/ folder, open the FSW_PSW.MAN file, select all, delete, save and exit.

Viola! That’s it. You are now an expert on coding individual features!
Now what do you do if you screwed it up or something is behaving funny and you want to go back to original settings. Or you cant remember all the stuff you changed, or dont like the results.

To load up the ORIGINAL factory defaults if you mess up.

Go to your /WORK/ folder. Open FSW_PSW.MAN, select all, delete, save & exit.

Load NCS Expert

Select “Expertmode” profile

Hit “VIN/ZCS/FA” to load your Chassis and Vehicle order info



Select the chassis, then module you F’d up on. For example “LSZ”

On Pre-2002 cars It will say “LSZ” and underneath “SG_Codieren” along with some files LSZ.Cxx, LSZ.PRG, etc etc. SG_CODIEREN is the correct job you want.

On Post-2002 cars It will say “LSZ” and underneath “SG_Codieren” along with some files LSZ.Cxx, LSZ.PRG, etc etc. Hit CHANGE JOB, Select “FA_WRITE” Job.

“xx” is usually the specific Coding index used in your default module, its a number. think of this like “firmware version”.

These files are basically from your /DATEN/ folder and contain the proper coding information specific to your car. How does NCS know which files to use? Because it knows by looking at your VIN and VO, then selects the correct files. NCS will then basically read these files, then read your VO and re-write the proper codes, features, activate, deactivate everything to your factory settings.

The job is SG_Codieren or FA_Write because you will WRITE your original settings back in.


Viola, your original data is re-written and your car will work again. Hopefully.

That’s all my interpretation of BMW ICOM NSC expert; hope this helps someone out there.

24 juin 2016

How to program Citroen C5 2011 key

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Obd365 engineers has successfully hooked up OBDSTAR F108 PSA PINCODE tool  key programmer to read PIN code/ security code for Citroen C5 2011 year. Here is the test report.


Tested on model Citroen C5 2011


Key programming procedure:

Connect OBDSTAR F108 key programmer to Citroen C5







Select Read security code

Follow the screen instruction until you get the security code/ PIN code

Turn on the ignition, switch off the ignition switch..

Turn on the ignition

Reading security code…

Switch ignition off

Press ENTER and turn on the ignition

Reading security code…

Switch ignition off


(repeat the action)

Read security code SUCCESS!



























Also, OBDSTAR F108 can program keys for:

Peugeot 1007

Peugeot 206

Peugeot 207

Peugeot 208

Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 301

Peugeot 306

Peugeot 307

Peugeot 308

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 406

Peugeot 407

Peugeot 4007

Peugeot 508

Peugeot 5008

Peugeot 607

Peugeot 806

Peugeot 807

Peugeot Bipper

Peugeot Expert

Peugeot Partner



C3 Picasso

C3 Pluriel

C4 Cactus

C4 Picasso




Xsara Picasso

Berlingo 2

Berlingo 3






23 juin 2016

How to program Peugeot 508 key in simple steps

Classé dans : car key programmer — carsets @ 5 h 22 min engineers has managed to program smart & non-smart keys for Peugeot 508 model by using  new OBDSTAR F108 PSA PINCODE Tool key programmer.


Actually, reading security codes from a non-smart key is the same as reading from a smart key

-> connect OBDSTAR PSA Tool programmer with the car


-> select PEIUGEOT/CITREON/DS V31.09

-> read security code

-> turn on ignition switch, then turn off ignition switch, then turn on ignition switch

-> reading security code…

-> read security code SUCCESS!


Program smart key











Program non-smart key










Peugeot models – OBDSTAR F108 program key – SUCCESS:

Peugeot 1007

Peugeot 206

Peugeot 207

Peugeot 208

Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 301

Peugeot 306

Peugeot 307

Peugeot 308

Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 406

Peugeot 407

Peugeot 4007

Peugeot 508

Peugeot 5008

Peugeot 607

Peugeot 806

Peugeot 807

Peugeot Bipper

Peugeot Expert

Peugeot Partner

22 juin 2016

Free download ETKA v7.5 Electronic Catalogue

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Come to download the free but newest VAG ETKA v7.5 electronic catalogue for AUDI, VW, Seat, Skoda, which offers cars VIN number, VIN model and modeling year.


ETKA v7.5 adds Deutsch/German (de) language:

ETKA 7.5:  (download via JDownloader app & password: 4q43)


Basic info:

VW/Audi 1051 -> 1125
Seat/Skoda 541 -> 657


update Deutsch/German (de) + English, Hungarian, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, Japanese


What can you do with ETKA v7.5?

Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda ETKA Electronic Catalogue allows to enter VIN number of the machine {car} and carries out a filtration, using it; but thus number of a body is not considered, that is the program will define{determine} on VIN model and modeling year (using first 11symbols VIN), the rest will have to choose independently. It is meant,that with the program Audi, VW can work with thought up last figures VIN of number that can lead to mistakes{errors} in identification of units.



Q: How to solve error code “Sentinel HASP Proctection System Feature has expired (H0041)”

A: Here’s the new dll files for ETKA 7.5. Paste to ETKA/prog1 and to ETKA/prog2

VAG ETKA dll files


Q: My Etka 7.5 has error with hardlock and cannot work on Windows 7, w8, wxp. I install ETKA 7.4 on Windows XP. No issues!

A: Windows XP system can not run this ver ETKA 7.5. if has old hardlock, please delete it , then setup the hardlock.exe, setup ok, then setup the old hardlock, run setup.exe


Q: I wanted to know if it works the search with the VIN?

A: No, real ETKA 7.4 is last version which did it.


Q: Does you have any success with a way to update the brands? Can’t get etka updates V1.6 to work.

A: There is an update v1.8, try this one. You can find it here: Etka updates v1.8


ETKA 7.5 interface display:



21 juin 2016

VVDI MB BGA Tool worked and failed Mercedes

Classé dans : car key programmer — carsets @ 3 h 17 min
Mercedes-Benz VVDI MB BGA Tool key programmer new user feedback on worked and failed models.
I try to collect list of OK and K.O. experiences with IR pass reading with VVDI MB TOOL
W210: EIS/EZS A208.545.01.08 – MCU ??? -read PSW IR – not successful
W210: EIS/EZS A210.545.02.08 – MCU 1D69J – read PSW IR – not successful
W210: EIS/EZS A210.545.03.08 – MCU 1D69J – read PSW IR – not successful
W210: EIS/EZS A210.545.00.08 – MCU 0D69J – read PSW IR – not successful
W215: EIS/EZS A215.545.00.08 – MCU 0D69J – read PSW IR – not successful
W215: EIS/EZS A215.545.08.08 – MCU 1L85D – read PSW IR – not successful
W203: EIS/EZS A203.545.05.08 – MCU ??? – read PSW IR – OK
W203: EIS/EZS A203.545.05.08 – MCU 1J35D – read PSW – OK
W203: EIS/EZS A209.545.09.08 – MCU 1L85D – read PSW IR – not successful
W220: EIS/EZS A215.545.02.08 – MCU ??? – read PSW IR – OK
W220:EIS/EZS A215.545.00.08 – MCU 1D69J read PSW IR – not successful
W639: EIS/EZS A639.545.05.08 – MCU 2x 1L02Y – read PSW IR – not successful
W639: EIS/EZS A639.545.09.08 – MCU 0L01Y – read PSW IR/OBD – not successful
I Can guarantee it will not read ANY WITH HC05
1D69J/0D69J cannot be read by IR alone – A calculation with kline is possible.
read a w203 A203.545.05.08 with mask 1J35d password ok
W203 IES 203 545 05 08 read PSW IR OK
W 220 IES 215 545 02 08 read PSW IR – OK
Only support parts of HC05, HC08 motorola eis(K line),if cannot support will show error, need to remove eis get eeprom. we have tested W215 ok, but not means all W215 can fact only support parts of this type.

20 juin 2016

Program key for Mercedes S600, which tool

Classé dans : car key programmer — carsets @ 5 h 39 min engineers just succeeded programming remote key for Mercedes-Benz S600 old models. Here are operation pictures guide attached. The most important part is to learn which key programmer devices to use.


Device used:
AK500 (AK500+) EIS Key Programmer for Mercedes Benz

R270 BDM programmer












18 juin 2016

Honda CR-Z Hybrid all keys lost, which tool

Classé dans : car key programmer — carsets @ 4 h 01 min

What key programmer/tool will make key for Honda CR-Z 2010 when lost all keys?


Customer question:
A friend of mine is asking for help. He has got a Honda CR-Z 1.5 hybrid 84kW of 2010. All keys were stolen/lost and car have 7 digit VIN, so local Honda dealer could not help. Car is from Japan and it is not possible to order new Keys. What can we do here. Any solution possible for immo off or make key from dump? I have mini zed bull, carprog, xprog etc.



X100+ (Xtool X100 Pro) auto key programmer does the job well.

Immo off and make key from dump is impossible

Buy a new key and Xtool x100 can do it in less 5 mins job.

Or get a blank pcf7936( blank 46), and get keys cut and program with x100 pro.


17 juin 2016

OBDSTAR X100 Pro Program Toyota Crown12 remote key

Classé dans : car key programmer — carsets @ 8 h 37 min

OBDSTAR X100 Pro auto key programmer can perform EEPROM and key programming functions. Here obd365 engineers have tested it on Toyota Crown 2012 successfully.


2 optional methods:

1- replace the smart key’s ECU control box for key matching

2- disassemble ECU box to write initialized data, then use OBDSTAR X-100 for key programming


Toyota Crown 2012:


The smart key ECU is located on the right of the car trunk





Disassemble the smart key ECU, take out the board to disassemble the S2934 chip

Replace S2934 with 93C76 / 93C86 to write initialized data

Solder the 93C76 / 93C86 chip




Reversely install the smart key ECU to the car, then insert the key


Press the ENGINE START STOP button until the yellow indicator lights up, turn ignition on


Connect OBDSTAR X-100 pro programmer to the car

Then start X100 pro


DO NOT remove the key

Press OK for the smart card synchronization

The SECURITY indicator on the dashboard turns ON for 10-20 seconds, then turns off automatically

Then smart card matching success



X100 PRO enters ADD SMART CARD, then follow the screen instruction


2012 Crown comes with the main and additional cards; only the main card is smart while the additional can do remote control and start the engine. The body and buttons on the main card is black, while the additional card’s is gray.

Left- main card; right- additional card


The smart control can be turned off with a switch under the steering wheel. Some users have thought of something wrong with the smart system. If you press it wrongly to cause the smart system out of order, just press it again to back normal.

KEY: cut off the switch smartly

SET: reset tire pressure


If you want to program two main smart keys, you should take the other out if the car at least 1 meter when programming the one; or you would failed to program keys.


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